Exams…The stress of it….



Cram, Cram, Cram, Cram, Cram…. Words and information,

It won’t all fit inside my head, I shout in consternation

The doubts set in, I cannot cope, I read the notes repeatedly

The words just blend into a theoretical mess, the brain it is deceiving me

You have three hours, the without personality exam guard says,

My pen hovers over the page, blood coursing, my wife prays,

He hands out the questions, don’t turn them up yet until I say go,

Another year is over until September, we will meet again my academic foe

Adrian McKenna is a Social Care Professional ; he has worked for many years with young people and adults in residential care, detention services, mental health services and post-adoption services. He currently works with a large Dublin-based charity. He is a Member of Social Care Ireland, The Irish Association of Social Care Workers, Social Justice Ireland and sits on the Social Care Workers Board at CORU.