Bandstanding Poetry


Today I met with a group of my neighbours for the first of a series of Poetry Mornings, We sat in glorious sunshine on the old bandstand in the peoples park little bray. A lovely morning it was too.


They sat in the place, where the band used to stand.
Weaving words of beauty, mirth and pain.
A clear blue sky hung from the heavens so grand,
As they recited their stanzas again and again

The childer they started, the adults restrained,
Mc Cavity, Mc Cavity, the mystery cat stood tall,
Some tales of beauty and others quite pained,
Read with measured breath by all I recall.

All there read, some long, some short, some barely,
Some read from others pens, from tomes old and scarred,
A melding of culture. Humanity and kinship, oh dare we,
We will meet again to speak our thoughts just like a certain Bard.


Born in a Dublin Catholic Mother and Baby Home in 1965, Married with one adult son, I am a front-line social care professional and Masters level student. Member of CORU working on the registration of the Social care profession.I have worked for many years with young people and adults in residential care, detention services, mental health services and post-adoption services. I currently work with a large Dublin-based charity. These opinions are entirely My own unless otherwise indicated.



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