The Late Late Show and the fat shaming Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is not right in what she says about Fat people, and this is why, you cannot place obesity into one simple linear argument, you cannot say people who are fat are fat because they eat too much and sit for too long. This is a complete over simplification of a very complex issue. We don’t yet understand the connection between emotion and eating, we don’t fully understand the need for bodily control, we don’t fully consider that overeating may just be preserving a fragile mental state. We find it difficult not to judge others, why???, what pushes us to judge. Why do we constantly use our head but forget our heart. Some obese people will never lose their weight if they constantly feel judged, some obese people may need a kick in the arse to get them going. What is important to remember is that we need to give them time to let us know when and if they need support, obesity and the whole fat shaming issue may have more to do with mental health than we are willing to recognise. The Late Late show would have been far better off having an honest debate about how culturally it is becoming unacceptable to look different than what the media want us to accept as normal.I am a morbidly obese man, I am loved and I love, I am successful personally and professionally, I have been told that I have been the instigator of change in other peoples lives. I am led by my heart and use my head, I am not less because I’m obese. I would never judge another human being and their frailties but I would go out of my way to try and bring some positivity into their life. Shame on Katie Hopkins for not having the sense and wisdom to use her media status to a more positive heart based effect.


One thought on “The Late Late Show and the fat shaming Katie Hopkins

  1. I don’t know who Katie Hopkins is … never heard of her … and I never saw this show.

    I think sometimes when some people talk about people who are fat, overweight, obese, etc. is because they themselves have a fear of becoming fat and all the perceived ideas that going along with carrying extra weight. I also believe that some people may feel sorry for those who are weight-challenged believing they are not taking care of themselves to the best of their ability — and those people of course, may be doing the very best they can.

    Weight is a very difficult topic to discuss and brings up many, many hot buttons for people.


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