Leading to Serve, Serving to Lead

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Today was the first day of a Servant Leadership Course that we are doing in Crosscare, this was introduced to us a few weeks ago by our Director and Senior Managers and I for one have been excited and worried ever since.
This morning 12 of the management team met up at 9am in Holy Cross College, Conor Hickey our Director and Aidan Browne our trainer were going to take us through day 1 of the course.
Servant Leadership, what is it ?????
Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things.
Efficiency is doing things right, Effectiveness is doing the right things.
There are seven practices to create cultures that are ethical, practical and meaningful.
Self Awareness
Developing your colleagues
Coaching not controlling
Unleashing the energy and intelligence of others
Changing the pyramid
Today we spent some time looking at an overview of the course, we shared some of our hopes, looked at some of our skills and discussed our experience of positive and negative leadership. We have only scratched the surface but we are on our way. We watched a piece on youtube from a TedTalk by Simon Sinek called “Start with why”, this is a very interesting piece you should if you have the time watch the youtube piece and then go on to look at Robert Greenleaf who is recognised as the founding Father of Servant Leadership. That’s all for now, more in two weeks time after the next session.


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