“When Flying the Nest is Too Difficult”


I Have been struck recently by the outpourings of the love of one Mother on twitter. Twitter is my new addiction and I follow some very interesting and erudite people and recently the sense of excitement of @barbarascully at the impending return of her daughter was palpable. As I watched this unfold I thought about the time my own son left home. We had raised him to be a confident, caring and socially aware young man, We were confident that he could find his way in the world and indeed he has. What I hadn’t thought of was how prepared I was as a Father for him leaving our home. I had made sure that he was okay but I wasn’t ok, I was suddenly not needed to provide for him. I didn’t have to feed him, lend him a few bob, pick him up from the pub or the myriad of other things that we do as parents. That affected me, that awakened me to how we look at and talk about us, each other and relationships. Barbara is in the enviable position that she has been able to welcome her daughter back home for Christmas, I on the other hand see my son rarely as he is training to be an officer in the navy, I wont see him this Christmas, because he is spending time in another country with the woman he loves and the worst and best part of all this is that the feelings I am having and that Barbara has expressed so well are feelings of love. So whether you are with those you love at Christmas of whether they are their in your Heart enjoy it and be grateful that no one can take that a way from us.

Happy Christmas



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